Ever get that feeling? C'mon.. you know which one... the one where you

just want to stay in bed and relax. That feeling where you've just maxed

out your energies, your confidence, your courage. We've all been there.

Sometimes more often than others. I totally go there, y'all, and it's tough!

How do I get out of it, you say? Well, it really depends. But, what truly

works is just taking a day off. A day off - off the phone, off the

computer, off of traveling. Just off the grid. A yummy-smelling candle, a

good book, good music and a cozy bed. Relaxing with a face mask, with

no distractions. This is the life! Unfortunately, I don't get this opportunity

often, but I really have to - for my sanity's sake! As they say, "make

yourself a priority." This means something different to each person. So,

find what you need, and make it a priority! You can only give what you

feel, and you must feel good to give off good...


Off to pulling looks for a client! 



Dress: English Factory
Hair: GitelWigs Styled: @HairBySarale
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Betty Gulko