Fishnets are probably one of those accessories you've pondered, only

to land on an "I could never pull that off" verdict. While wearing white

fishnet styled tights is def a challenge, all it takes is the right amount

of inspiration to work them into your existing wardrobe.


If anyone knows me, a challenge is not something that I run away

form...So here I dare!  Reason to try it: they're more interesting than

the opaque black tights you resort to when the temps get too low, but

before that happens, try these to add a tough, fashion-forward edge to

your favorite ensembles.

Here Im wearing this gorgeous more simple dress to not have the

entire look be way overkill. paired with a jacket and low key

accessories - bam! 


Click through to see how it's done ladies... ♡


Makeup: ME! 
Hair: Pessi Mayerson
Earnings: Bitz of Glitz 
Sunnies: Odette and Odile
Bracelet: Eye Stunnish 
Dress: Mars and Stars LA
Jacket: Valentino
Tights: Wolford via From Head to Hose
Shoes: Zara (SIMILAR)
Photography: Shira Zimmerman