Leopard is everywhere... and better than ever. I'm super excited

to see the print come in all sorts of new shapes, colors,

and styles. Like a red lip, this print instantly pumps up any


If you have leopard pieces hanging in your closet, time to

bring 'em out! In case you're spacing out thinking, "how could I

ever do this!?" One simple trick: treat it like any black item

in your wardrobe! (PS: this print doesn't have to come in

its true neutral tone - as you've seen me in the past rock it

in many other shades! )

Personally, I am always and forever a fan of leopard! It's a

staple print/color in my opinion - it simply goes with

everything and is classic. It will never go out of style.

Leopard can easily be mixed and matched with your

ensemble of choice - so just go for it! Here I paired it with

#EverythingLeopard - why not?

Could wearing "too much" leopard ever be an issue?


Dress: Who What Wear - SIMILAR
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara
Hair: Pearl Wigs
Makeup: Etty Aizikovich
Photography: Genesis Cabrera

Betty Gulko