3 Questions with Betty:


1. One tip for the closet hoarders out there? 

An easy way to visualize your closet is to ask yourself a few key

questions (and be honest!) about what you need (not want). Is there

something you find yourself repeatedly wishing you had on hand?

Perhaps it’s a classic black blazer or a nice date night jean skirt? Many

of us probably think we have “so many clothes,” but when we focus on

the practical essentials ahead of the wants, we may find we don’t have

nearly as many as we think. When you walk into your closet, what is

missing? Where are the holes in your current wardrobe?


2. What fashion magazines do you read?

W Magazine, Vogue, Tatler, Porter, Interview, Elle - ah, so many! 


3. Lipstick or mascara?

Being that I am in love with all things beauty, this is a tough one! I spend

so much money at Sephora, its ridiculous! hmmm.. I think that since I can

totally go with just my burts bees balm, I think I would have to say



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Betty Gulko