When you have a babysitter available, YOU GO OUT! Amiright?! Seriously though,

there's a shortage of young girls who are looking to make an easy buck here - what's

the deal!? I remember when I was their age (O.M.G. I'm that person now -- OLD!) I

would babysit allll the time! And now, I can never find anyone to babysit. But when

I do - Mama's going out whether she in the mood or not! 

So, Asher did some research and decided where we were going, and I had no idea. We

got there and I was so excited! What a beautiful place. I still get chills every time I get

closer to NYC. We just hung out, got drinks, and had a good laugh. 

Unfortunately, we don't get the chance to do this every week, but we def try to

make it happen as much as possible. I really do believe that it's a powerful thing for

a relationship. Now, I am no means a relationship expert, I have tons to work on,

but I do know that you must have that alone time out of your usual daily space

and just enjoy. Life is hectic and can certainly get overwhelming. It's vital to take the

time and just breathe! 

This specific night was not planned and I was def not in the mood. Since the

opportity was there, I just said to heck with it. I'm so glad I did, because we had a

great time! 

Where: THE STANDARD, HIGHLINE : 848 Washington St New York, NY 10014
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: H&M
Hair: Pearl Wigs

Betty Gulko