Definition: It occurs when tissue similar to the

endometrium (the lining of the uterus) is found outside

the uterus on other parts

of the body.

Who Has It: Me - along with 176 million women worldwide

(1 in 10 women).

Symptoms: Includes painful periods, painful ovulation,

heavy bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, and infertility

and can impact

on general physical, mental, and social well being.

Thoughts: Okay, so this may seem like a pretty personal /

topic you only discuss with you bestie, but I feel

that it's honestly time to speak up! Ladies, we can not be

afraid anymore. Unfortunately, some people have

this same diagnosis in a much more severe case. I,

however only recently discovered that I have this


(about 5 years ago) when I had an ectopic pregnancy. I

have always had tremendously

difficult pains during that Gd forsaken time of the

month. But, "deal with it" / "take a midol" / "oh, you're just

exaggerating, just get out of bed" was all

I ever really heard.

SO, as the good girl that I am, I grinned, rolled out of bed,

and dealt with it... all of it - from the before

extreme moods, to the during extreme pain (debilitating)

and not withholding the scary continuous flow. 

Before I was finally told that I had Endometriosis (it was

discovered during an ectopic pregnancy I had -

which is a main cause),

I had not a clue in the world. After the Doctor's briefing, I

was so relieved. I felt like I

was "normal." Like there was something there that finally

made sense. There was a reason to this madness! 

Yes, there is a term and an understanding as to what is

going on, but there is still no "cure." There's only one

real option to stop the entire symptoms - but, it's a catch

22. I still suffer with symptoms and try to live as best

I can - as long as you have the support and understanding

from those around you, you can get through


Do you too suffer from endometriosis? 

Please, feel it a safe place to share with me your experiences, or any advice you may have - i would love to hear! 




Betty Gulko