The much anticipated solar eclipse happened - and it rocked!

 All of the hype leading up to it was so bizarre. I thought,

how much could you actually see? Will this really be a big

deal? Well, Asher thought so. He went to our local cafe in

Long Beach and bought these fancy glasses ($15.00!) He

said, "Betty, it's going to be cool - trust me." I was heading

into the city that morning to source some pieces for an

upcoming photoshoot at an amazing showroom and

figured I would try them while on the train. O.M.G. It

worked! It was so amazing! Even though it wasn't the best

time yet, you could still see the moon - clear as anything.

So I had to admit, of course, that he was right. I was so

glad to have had the glasses - totally worth it! I met him

for what was told to be the best time on Wall Street. It

was nuts! Everyone was out trying to get any glimpse they

could. It was actually quite sweet to see how everyone

was eager to share their glasses and give over any

knowledge they had on the subject. Def a memorable

viewing experience for one of the biggest astronomical

events in my lifetime. So grateful that I was able to

experience it.

NY Daily Newsarticle-ny-eclipse2-0821.jpg

Location: Wall Street, New York
Hair: Pearl Wigs Styled By: Shani Narboni
Dress: Zara
Bracelet: Vintage

Betty Gulko