Ok guys, how annoying is it to have to use that dandy

whitening pen every other day?

C'mon, really? Who can be bothered!

Thanks to this amazing new invention, you can now get

those pearly whites with just an hour of time. (Sure, it

wasn't the utmost comfortable thing, but it was well

worth it.) You'll walk out with bright white teeth that

actually last! Here's a breakdown of how the process went:

1. Shiffy sat next to me and explained what the process

would be like and what we could obtain color-wise. 

   2. We started off by putting a mouth guard on to keep

       the mouth opened during the process.

   (VERY AWKWARD and NOT comfortable!) ... See below:


3. She then applied the gel with a pen onto the teeth.


4. Next, I sat there with some fab tunes and waited until

the time passed. We took breaks in between, but

continued until the full process was completed.


5.  Anddd...DONE!!! Thats it! Just rinsed off the gel and did

my thang. No eating or drinking for the next hour. Results

were beyond! Instantly, my teeth were whiter & brighter

than any home pen could ever accomplish! 


The experience with Shiffy @SparkleTeethWhitening was

super comfortable, with beyond amazing results! 

Follow-up 1: My teeth were sensitive for the next week.

                  After that, everything went back to normal.

Follow-up 2: Its been a month since my visit, and my teeth are, YES, still white! 


Betty Gulko