As the holiday of Chanukah comes to an end, I can finally SLEEP! The endless nights of parties have got me all out of wack - and Adina in all sorts of crazy for that matter. OMG, it's been tough, but def memorable! 

We had the opportunity to attend community events as well as friends home parties. We also did special family night outings together opposed to opening presents (such as see a movie at the theater). I saw this as a chance to make memories as opposed to just getting something (when, lets me honest, they probably will move past this toy in a few months either way). We saw the movie COCO and yes, I bawled my eyes out. shhhh! 

As we celebrated the holiday of spreading light and focusing on building upwards in our lives, I had so many chances to see this over the past week. With the outpours of giving and connecting, it has really allowed me to also remember what is truly the goal in our lives - growing and focusing on the good we have in the current. 

How am I going to connect this all, I'm not sure honestly, lol, but I do know that this dress is gorgeous + comfortable + modest. Total winner for you babes! P.S. it has pockets! Check out her site and let me know! 



Dress: Most Girls Like Pink
Boots: Report - Sold Out > SIMILAR/Dr Martens
Hair: Pearl Wigs
Makeup: Rivky Kalman
Photography: Malkie Marks

Betty Gulko