How the right car can change a road trip for the better + what I recommend!


I’m always so excited to travel somewhere new. Asher and I had

discussed going to New Hampshire countless times. Being that his

parents live in Massachusetts, it alway seemed like the easy trip to take after a

weekend visiting them (it’s only about an 1.5 hours away). Finally, we

decided to make the trip… deciding what car to take was the only



We ended up coordinating with some family and

making it a bigger trip with some cousins coming along. It was the perfect “end of

summer” getaway. The only thing we really

needed was

a bigger car. After all the food we

purchased and because I’m such an awful packer

(Nope, I simply can’t commit to just three outfits,

sorry!) we literally did not have enough room in

our sedan.

After speaking with Toyota, they were able to

assess our needs and recommend a car that

would work best for us. I was hesitant at first, as

I’m so not used to such a large car, but I was

beyond pleased after driving the Land Cruiser.

It is beyond stunning inside and out, with

unbelievable driving performance. It was large

enough to fit all of our belongings with extra

space to relax. The drive felt so smooth but

sturdy. I felt completely safe, comfortable and

stylish all at the same time.



Our first stop was to ‘The Basin at Franconia Notch State Park’ and there we saw some magnificent waterfalls. The actual basin is so calming!

We then went to visit some local farmers markets ( Moulton Farm) as we always opt for and enjoy fresh food whenever possible!

We also hiked the entire ‘Flume Gorge’. The natural made gorge is so breathtaking! The actual hike was doable (even Adina made it!) and we stopped in the middle and made deli sandwiches for lunch.

Adina went one afternoon with her cousins to the local putt-putt and swimming at the resort ( in Franconia Notch).

Of course, we couldn’t miss the famous Mount Washington! We took a train all the way up (petrifying, not even going to lie)


We had such a great time on our trip and we

would not have been able to get around so

easily and comfortably without Toyota’s Land

Cruiser! I highly recommend this car! It’s not only

a great car for everyday use, but it’s also a the perfect car to ensure a successful road trip!

#DriveToyota #LandCruiser #ToyotaLandCruiser #LetsGoPlaces

#DriveToyota #LandCruiser #ToyotaLandCruiser #LetsGoPlaces