HOLY HELL, how does time go by SO FAST!?!? I cannot fathom that I'm actually the age that I

am. (It's a bit confusing you see, as I've been saying I'm 30 for so long that I don't actually know my

real age.) Anyways, I know its oldER and that's all I need to know. Despite the exact

number age I am, I feel FABULOUS.. and that's all that matters, amiright? 


Hello, fellow Taurus KWEENs - I thought the best way to discuss this whole "turning another age"

thing was to simply blurt out my feelings (like that's something new)... but really, I'm writing this more to

discuss some thoughts I've had and things I've learned over these years. You know,

know that I'm all old and wise now... Here goes! 



You are going to get criticized no matter what you do babeZ, so just do your thang! 

Honestly, this is something I find myself struggling with a lot. Someone always has something to say. If I were to have listened to every single negative comment I ever got, I would literally be living in the woods miserable. You have to take chances and listen to your heart. 


Being nasty gets you nowhere, just be nice.

We've all been there. In a bad mood, frustrated, stressed about things going on in life and  there you are lashing out at the Starbucks guy for taking so long. Yet, somehow, someway, staying calm and remembering that they, too, may be in a difficult place and simply being nice (or as I tell Adina all the time - you just do the right thing no matter what the other person does) will only help you. Rather than being nasty - it not only hurts them, it 100% hurts you too. 


You never know.

People always assume they know every single thing about me and what my upbringing "must have" been based upon how I showcase things on social media, etc. You do not have any clue at all where a person has come from or where they are in the exact moment. Don't judge others until you've truly understood more about them. I have had MANY extreme bumps in the road - MANY. Whatever you may think is the truth, you really, seriously, never know.


There's no such thing as fair or unfair. 

As a religious Jew, I say this all the time - we get what we need. It's SOOO hard to not be jealous when you want so many things, but for whatever reason, its simply not the time or thing that is actually what is BEST for you. Focus on what you are doing and make that happen - it's up to you. Stay in your own lane and you will shine. 


Diets are simply miserable, its all about lifestyle babe! 

I have so learned this especially over this past year! No matter how much I eat or don't eat, it's allll about my lifestyle. Sticking to healthy living, wellness remedies, green juice, weekly workouts, water, oils, herbs, clean foods, & good vibes is a long-term, sustainable goal. Balance is key!


No one is going to do anything for you. 

If you sincerely want something to happen, YOU my friend must be the one to go and take those steps. Waiting on this one or that will literally only postpone all of your fabulous ideas. What a waste! Nothing will fall into your lap, its all hard work and dedication! 


Obviously, this is a list of things that I need to work on

daily because I’m not perfect by any means & need daily

reminders. Really, it just kind of helps to write these

reminders down! I’m not preaching, just sharing…again, do

whatever works for you personally!

What would you add to this?


So Much Love

Cheers to another year of fabulous!



Hair: Pessi Mayerson
Makeup: Rivky Kalman
Photography: Monica Spengler