If you know me - and I mean, know me well - you know that I did not have anything going for me growing up. That’s right, I actually said that. It’s not a pity party I'm looking for, it’s simply the truth. Life was a challenge to say the least. And somehow, some way, I'm here. In Judaism, we believe in having faith in a bigger purpose. Most of our lives, we have no clue as to what this purpose is. It seems as many are searching practically their whole lives to discover their purpose on earth. I still question myself all the time. For myself, this questioning comes more from wanting to grow - what can I do more? How can I do XXX better? Who can I learn from to work on my struggles, etc. rather than “what am I here on earth to do?”

Despite any struggle that I may have been put into (even currently, as life does not suddenly stop giving you obstacles, just hopefully you have gained skills to better work them out more efficiently), I feel confident with where I ended up. I believe that it's what you do with those struggles that give you a higher chance of achieving. "Be crazy enough to know you can be anything you want in life." Achieving and accomplishing was definitely not something people believed I was capable of, and these people actually had said it to my face. The odds were against me. 

Not only did I NOT allow this to become my future reality. I over-exceeded even my own expectations. I graduated college and went on to receive a Master’s Degree graduating cum laude (this btw, does not mean I'm especially smart, I simply applied myself - to my bones). I went on to continue my education until I was ready to partake in a whole new field. Passionate about the arts I discovered myself specifically loving fashion and creating. I built myself up in an area I have no lack of confidence in... styling. 

Six years later, here I am. With my own website (which, btw, without any experience whatsoever, I created entirely by myself), social media platforms, and influencing individuals from young to old - I am. so. proud. of myself!

The point, is not to showoff or brag at all, but the exact opposite. I want to be clear about where I came from and what it took me to accomplish.  I did not and do not allow anything or anyone to hold me back. You have to really believe that you can do it just as well as the other person can. It's all in your outlook and your view. I want you to realize that what you see about me now did not and currently is not easy! My job is to make it look easy, but that is not always the case...

Babez, don't let anything, anyone, or any obstacles that may be to blame for your feelings or situation, control how you respond. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I LOVE YOU!!!



Obstacles can't stop you, problems can't stop you, Most of all, other people can't stop you. The only one that stops you is yourself.

Photography: Ruchy Lev
Makeup: Batya Hess
Hair: Elle By Lillian


You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. 

Betty Gulko