Being close to your mother is a strange and yet beautiful thing

(a sensitive and deeply personal topic for a different time). 

With that being said, I take a super extra mile to have those special

moments with Adina Mya, my wonderful & amazing now 5 year old


Yes, this means taking her out of school for a day because it's been a

crazy work week

for me and have not been able to give her much one on one time.

Spending time doing magna-tiles for 2 hours straight (bring out

that wine, ladies!) or letting her paint my nails some sort of crazy

concoction of purple and yellow. This, my friends, for me is quality,

memorable moments that time takes away all too fast. 

I am FAR from perfect when it comes to motherhood, but one thing I

know for sure, is nothing can take away the closeness brought together

by a mother and daughter's bond. This tight bond

between mother and daughter takes time, patience, and positive

memories. Some of which I personally never had... I am a work in

progress in my parental role and it is def a daily struggle to keep it all

together. The incredible thing though, is that I

have only been able to grow exponentially - solely from Adina. 

Enjoy. Cherish. Obsess.


Dress: H&M (both)
Top: H&M
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair: Pearl Wigs
Photography: Jason Coronel


Betty Gulko