3 Questions with Betty:




1. Something you can't live without?

Burt's Bees Chapstick. I literally have one in every bag! 


2. What's a motto you live by?

Just do the right thing no matter what, you will always win. // Kill them with kindness.


3. How important is communication between yourself and the photographer that you’ll be working with? What sort of things do you do to prepare yourself for an upcoming shoot?

Communication is vital! First, we decide on a creative direction and create a moodboard. From there, the

location are organized, models are chosen, wardrobe is pulled, and hair and make up collaborators are

brought on board for what they can add to the vision. That’s a lot to get done so we stay looped in with each

other through the process. Then I make sure to have my looks pre-styled before arriving to set. I like to have at

least 4-5 extra looks ready to go just in case we need them.







Betty Gulko