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If you have ever had a chance to speak with me on a

deeper level (i.e. not fashion related) you would quickly

find out that I am very much a spiritual person... Do I pray

every single day with a prayer book in hand? No. Do I say

every single blessing before I eat? No. Do I slip curse words

here and there? Yes... I am not, by any means, a perfect

person - following every rule that I believe in - all of the time. I

AM however, a deeply spiritual person.

I naturally believe in a higher being and purpose. Being that

I am an observant Jew, I have the perfect outlet to put this spirituality and belief to use. I

struggle to understand many areas of life and religion, but I always find myself back

to a place of faith an at the end of the day. I ultimately believe that there is a greater reason beyond my personal

understanding. With that being said, I have the same love

and passion for Israel. 

Israel, my home. If you haven't been living under a rock

lately, then you probably have heard the amazing

statement from President Trump. "I have determined

that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the

capital of Israel," the president said on

December 6, 2017. This statement was groundbreaking and hopefully, will bring about more positive change for Israel in the future.

 When I discovered Yaeli and her artwork, all of her pieces spoke to me and reminded me of my love for Israel. This one, in particular, has a lot of meaning to me. Titled "B'Achdut" (translating to

"In Unity"), the painting showcases all different types of

people joining together at the Kotel to pray. It conveys that while all

of us may be very different, we all can still unite for

a greater purpose. 

I love this message and to have a painting that brings this to

life is so special to me. I come from a unique

background and really believe in the power of joining

forces and helping each other, despite those differences -

and maybe even because of those differences


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Dress: Luxe & Arrow
Hairstyle: Henny Flusberg
Makeup: Batya Hess
Painting: Yaeli Fine Art
Photography: Ruchy Lev

Betty Gulko