Being that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it got

me thinking... Thinking about things in general. I almost

feel as if it could be seen as a new year in many ways. You

know, start over, make some resolutions.. what do you



I honestly just feel grateful for the mere fact that I am

alive. Something as simple as being alive can be so easily

taken advantage of. I find I get caught up being thankful

for bigger things (still important of course) but what

about just being alive? That's pretty major. And by alive, I

really mean healthy. Btw - people who are continually

grateful are generally in better health than those who

aren't. Something to ponder. 


There are lots of ways one could celebrate Thanksgiving

on the actual day: 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Watch the football game
Online Shopping
Skating rink at Bryant Park
5K Turkey trot at Prospect Park


Or just keep to the tradition and eat an insane amount of

food surrounded by people who you call family and/or

friends - aka people you love. Now, as you already know,

my immediate family members are not in NY, which makes

this a challenge. I do, however, love a tradition and try to

get together with whatever family members are local at

the time and/or close friends who have basically become

my family -

you know who you are... 


I thought of a new idea that I would like to share with y'all.

During this time of year, it can be lonely for some. So I

thought, hey why not phone someone that I haven't


to in a long time? Someone that for whatever reason, I've

just lost touch with. Make that call. Be brave. Send them

love and warm wishes over the holiday. Let them know

someone cares and is thinking of them. Spread the love

for a better world! 


No go on, get your list going - who are you going to call?

(NOT TEXT!) Oh, and btw - this is THE. PERFECT. DRESS

for those dreaded family pictures... You'll look fab. Plus

theres plenty of room for that turkey belly.


Turkey is a funny word




Dress: House Of Lancry
Hair: Pearl Wigs
Booties: Zara
Photography: Baila Leiner

Betty Gulko