So, I've been dreaming about going to see a ballet for

years. I absolutely love the arts in any form. So, as our

wedding anniversary approached (10 years!), Asher

surprised me with tickets to see an NYC Ballet - Swan Lake.


I could not have been more excited! 

Besides, I had this gorgeous dress that needed to be worn

and this was the perfect

occasion for it. 

Everyone in NYC knows the spot (hint: NYFW) but

perhaps have never been inside - it is such a stunning

space. Once we arrived, I did not waste any time and

quickly found our seats. As the music began I was

instantly in my zone. I

don't think there was one minute when I wasn't

completely mesmerized. Not only was I fixated on

listening to the beautiful music and watching the talented

men and women's movements, but by the story as

well. So much so that I was

actually crying. Yes, I am very sensitive, people! 


I left the show completely invigorated and filled with life.

We then went out to dinner at Noi Due Carne and

discussed how much we enjoyed the show. and life. and

work. and oh, of course, the food... the food was good y'all! 


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Dress: Freidy

Shoes: Gucci  

Bag: Zara  


Betty Gulko